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Young South East Asian Leader Initiative

I am now participating a program called Young South East Asian Leader Initiatives (YSEALI) at Northen Illinois University, USA. 30 September-4 November 2015

It is a program held by US state department that bring young leaders from ASEAN to learn about specific issues such as civic engaegment, education, entrepreneurship, and environment.

The expected output of the program is each of the participants will run a project in their home country. Moreover, they expect us to have a cross-country project.

We come from diverse backgrounds (students from social and engineering program, researcher, humanitarian workers, journalists, etc) and we share different issues (disability inclusion, animal rights, LGBT, minority rights, etc)

Additionally, we will learn about the history of America and the struggle of people in ASEAN countries to make their country a better place to live in.

This is a good opportunity to learn and I recommend young people (18-25) who is passionate in making change to join the YSEALI winter program.
Just google YSEALI and you'll get all the information.

I'll share the knowledge and the experience in my blog
Young South East Asian Leader Initiative Young South East Asian Leader Initiative Reviewed by regismachdy on October 04, 2015 Rating: 5

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