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The Essence of Sufism

The Sufis are mystics of Islam. Every upright Muslim expect to see God after death, but the Sufis are the inpatient one. They want God now – moment by moment, day by day, in this very life, and they are willing to undergo the disciplines that make that possible. Sufis maintain that you don’t look for God in Mecca or Jerusalem but in your heart.

Sufism has offered a path on which one can progress toward the “great end” or Self-realization, or God-realization.  Sufism is a way of love, a way of devotion, and a way of knowledge

The aim of Sufism is the elimination of all veils between the individual and God. Fundamentally, mysticism is love of the Absolute, the One Reality, also called Truth, Love, or God.  In this universal sense, Sufism existed before Islam. Sufism is not different from the mysticism at the heart of all religions.

Those whose hearts are empty of attachment to anything other than God. They realize that they have nothing, that they can do nothing, and that they are nothing without God. They rely on nothing in this world, only on God.

You cannot teach yourself Sufism or develop spirituality by yourself any more than you can become a doctor or an engineer by yourself.


*All the paragraphs above are written by the author. I do not own any sentence. If you have different view on Sufism, you might read the book yourself, or post a comment and share your thought!

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